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The Original Ampco Lubricator – what is it?

The Ampco top cylinder lubricator is an oil vapor delivery device, designed to supply a mist of oil vapor to your engine’s combustion chamber – the heat/friction/wear zone. Manifold vacuum draws metered oil through a nozzle into the air/fuel mixture, which lubricates valve stems, guides, seats, rings, and cylinder bores – everywhere your crankcase oil cannot reach. As soon as your engine pulls a vacuum upon startup, it is getting the benefit of undiluted, atomized oil to the hottest parts of the engine. The recommended lubricant for all Ampco oilers is Marvel Mystery Oil®, found at most auto parts stores.

Problems with modern direct injection engines

Direct injection engines have the fuel injector in the cylinder head, so only cold air and crankcase vapors flow over the intake valves. Higher compression and temperatures create perfect conditions for these emissions to condense and adhere to the valve heads. There is no solvent effect of gasoline vapors to keep the valve heads clean. Buildup impedes air flow and reduces efficiency, in as little as 30,000 miles! Carbon buildup on intake valve heads and manifolds are a known problem on modern direct injection engines, with no design solution other than a one time “dump and flush”, which quickly releases all buildup, allowing carbon particles to contaminate catylitic converters, or a mechanical disassembly, which is very costly. This is truly an unintended consequence of modern technology! To avoid these problems in your antique, classic or modern direct injection engine, install the Ampco top cylinder lubricator and reap the benefits: removal of carbon deposits, increased compression and more.

Dry fuels can harm your engine!

If you use unleaded gas, ethanol, propane, or CNG, your engine needs the original Ampco top cylinder lubricator! The Ampco top cylinder lubricator provides critical valve to seat lubrication, which is now absent from gasoline, and prevents sticking valves and detonation caused by carbon and combustion deposits. Compressed gas fuels contain NO LUBRICATING PROPERTIES! They burn clean and may be “environmentally friendly”, but they also burn hot, are corrosive, and can cause very premature valve failure. The only way to introduce lubricity to a compressed gas fuel system is with the Ampco top cylinder lubricator. Many states, such as Oklahoma, offer incentives for CNG conversions of auto, truck, and fleet vehicles. Visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center to find out what is available in your state.

Expect These Benefits

Increase in fuel economy by reducing friction
Reduced valve-to-seat wear
Eliminate sticking valves; quieter valve train
Removal of carbon deposits which cause pre-ignition
Protection of valve stems, guides, seats, rings, and cylinder bores
Increased compression, power, efficiency and engine life!

We discovered some very early advertising literature for the Ampco Vapor Lubricator, dating from 1948. Check out the artwork – no photographs! This brochure gives a completely comprehensive description of purpose, operation, and benefits of fitting an Ampco unit. Though engine designs and materials have changed and improved over time, the basic mechanics and physics of the internal combustion engine remain the same. If anything, fuels are dryer and engines run hotter for a variety of reasons – emissions tuning and direct fuel injection.

Your engine will thank you!

Did you know that our Ampco jars can be used with a Judson supercharger? Visit www.judsonguru.com.